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Receiving calls from Spark (In Progress) Critical

Affecting System - PBX

  • 03/08/2020 08:17
  • Last Updated 03/08/2020 14:19

When receiving calls from a Spark mobile or landline, audio is lost.

This is only affecting inbound calls, outbound to Spark is fine

We're working with Spark to get this resolved ASAP

Sentora Email (In Progress) Medium

Affecting Server - Linux - Sentora

  • 30/09/2019 08:00
  • Last Updated 09/10/2019 11:12

We're aware of a clients email account that has become compromised by a spammer guessing their password.

Currently, Sentora is listed on 7 blacklists

We have suspended outbound email and are currently clearing the queue of these spam messages waiting to be sent.

Updates will be posted here as and when they are available.


Update 09/10 - Sentora is on the Truncate blacklist still, which has no provision for manual removal.  According to their website, this blacklist will be removed sometime this week 

Kerio Emails (In Progress) Medium

Affecting Server - Server 5 - Email

  • 09/10/2019 10:13
  • Last Updated 09/10/2019 11:12

Google has put the kerio email server onto a rate limit block - a support ticket with Google Support has been raised

Any emails sent to gmail.com or Gapps users won't get through, and you may receive delay notifications.

We've increased our email queue time, so these emails won't expire and bounce back


Update 11:10am - blocks look to have been cleared.  will continue to monitor