Default PHP version

The default PHP version on our cpanel server is now php7.4.

If your site is having compatibility problems, you can change the PHP version back to 7.2 (our previous default), simply login to cpanel and search 'php' and select MultiPHP Manager

31st May 2021
Email server upgrade

We are performing the initial steps for an upgrade to our email server this evening from 2145. During this time, emails will be unavailable (asides from whats synced to your device).  Incoming emails will simply wait and be delivered once the upgrade is complete. Any emails sent during this time will sit in your outbox and be sent after the ... Read More »

8th Mar 2020
We're moving services this weekend, 23/24 June

To imporive our web and telephone services, we're moving our servers to a new datacentre, on more powerful machines and a faster internet connection.This will mean however that some interruptions may occur.Websites: No downtime.Emails: An outage of up to 4 hours (no emails will be lost during this process)VoIP Phones: An outage of up to 2 hours, ... Read More »

21st Jun 2018
Security updates - 06/11/2016

An upgrade to all services will occur on Sunday, 6th November 7-9am, this will take approximately 45 minutes.We are doing this upgrade as a bug has been found in Linux kernels where users can “escalate” their privileges.  Users with a regular account can become admins using exploitable web applications, eg older versions of Wordpress or ... Read More »

31st Oct 2016
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