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Receiving calls from Spark (Resolved) Critical

Affecting System - PBX

  • 03/08/2020 08:17 - 08/06/2023 16:48
  • Last Updated 03/08/2020 14:19

When receiving calls from a Spark mobile or landline, audio is lost.

This is only affecting inbound calls, outbound to Spark is fine

We're working with Spark to get this resolved ASAP

Sentora Email (Resolved) Medium

Affecting Server - Linux - Sentora

  • 30/09/2019 08:00 - 08/06/2023 16:48
  • Last Updated 09/10/2019 11:12

We're aware of a clients email account that has become compromised by a spammer guessing their password.

Currently, Sentora is listed on 7 blacklists

We have suspended outbound email and are currently clearing the queue of these spam messages waiting to be sent.

Updates will be posted here as and when they are available.


Update 09/10 - Sentora is on the Truncate blacklist still, which has no provision for manual removal.  According to their website, this blacklist will be removed sometime this week 

Kerio Emails (Resolved) Medium

Affecting Server - Server 5 - Email

  • 09/10/2019 10:13 - 08/06/2023 16:48
  • Last Updated 09/10/2019 11:12

Google has put the kerio email server onto a rate limit block - a support ticket with Google Support has been raised

Any emails sent to or Gapps users won't get through, and you may receive delay notifications.

We've increased our email queue time, so these emails won't expire and bounce back


Update 11:10am - blocks look to have been cleared.  will continue to monitor

Email blacklist (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Server - Cpanel

  • 21/07/2019 09:13 - 14/08/2019 15:01
  • Last Updated 22/07/2019 09:14

We are aware our Cpanel server has been blacklisted, and are actively working to get this resolved ASAP.


Wordpress Websites (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Server - Cpanel

  • 27/01/2019 13:04 - 27/01/2019 15:24
  • Last Updated 27/01/2019 19:59

Currently, we're experiencing problems with WordPress website on our Cpanel server establishing a database connection.

Cpanel support technicians are working to get this resolved ASAP

Update @ 27/01/2019 - 2:47pm

Around 3/4 WordPress websites are working again.  Cpanel support is still working on the remaining sites that aren't working.

Update @ 27/01/2019 - 324pm
All websites are back up and running.

Inbound and Outbound Calls (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Other - Cloud PBX

  • 05/11/2018 09:54 - 27/01/2019 13:06
  • Last Updated 05/11/2018 11:42

There is currently a problem with inbound and outbound calls not flowing.

Technicians are working to resolve this ASAP

** Update @ 10:07am
It appears one of the voice servers has been hit with a denial of service (DDOS) attack.  Technicians are currently clearing this up

**update @ 11:41am
Voice services were returned, but then stop working again. Technicians are working hard to resolve this in a timely manner.

Unplanned voice outage (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Other - VoIP Phones

  • 11/06/2018 12:00 - 11/06/2018 12:59
  • Last Updated 11/06/2018 12:59

Our upstream provider has an unplanned outage which is effected inbound and outbound calls.  


Voice engineers are investigating and this has been escalated.

Cloud PBX Outage (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Other - VoIP Cloud PBX

  • 15/02/2018 05:03
  • Last Updated 15/02/2018 08:54

0815 – Service is slowly returning and we expect all phones to be online in the next 15 minutes or so. If your phone doesn’t work, please reboot this in the first instance. Further comms to come as required.


0739  – An unexpected error has at approximately 0503 this morning with the host server that provides the services for our cloud phone system. This has caused a full system outage to our phone services.


Automated alerting had notified us of the issue this morning and we’ve had a technician working on this both from our Auckland datacentre and remotely.  The root cause has been identified and steps are being taken to return services to working order but this will take some time.


Next update at 0815 as we work towards getting an ETA.



Outbound calls not working (Resolved) Critical

Affecting System - Cloud PBX

  • 12/12/2017 08:15 - 12/12/2017 10:30
  • Last Updated 12/12/2017 10:38

A problem with our upstream provider has resulted in outbound calls not going through.

During the next 30 minutes, your phones may lose their registrations momentarily

Inbound calls are working properly.

Update: 10:30am:

Outbound calling (including diverting) is now working properly.

A full incident report will be provided once we have more information

Phones (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Other - Cloud PBX

  • 05/09/2017 11:31 - 05/09/2017 12:02
  • Last Updated 05/09/2017 11:40

Customers may be experiencing loss of voice services.

Our engineers are currently working to resolve the problem

Server Updates (Resolved) High

Affecting Server - Server1-Linux-Auckland

  • 18/06/2017 07:30 - 18/06/2017 09:37
  • Last Updated 14/06/2017 09:24

We have received a Xen Security Advisory (XSA) that requires us to perform updates to our Xen host servers (which is all our servers). To do this we need to stop the services running on these hosts, update the servers and restart the host servers. Updates will be started at 7:30am Sunday 18th June . The updates typically take around 10 minutes to apply and all services during the upgrade time will be unavailable.

Mail server upgrade (Resolved) Medium

Affecting System - Email Server

  • 24/05/2017 21:30 - 14/06/2017 09:24
  • Last Updated 21/05/2017 21:17

An upgrade of the main email server is scheduled for Wednesday 24/05.

This will affect users who have OTA mail/calendar/contact sync

Its expected to take up to 2 hours to preform the upgrade.

Email server blacklisted (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Server - Linux - Sentora

  • 03/05/2017 08:00
  • Last Updated 08/05/2017 09:01

One of our email servers, has been blacklisted.  This means emails you're sending most likely won't be delivered.

This has happened because someone has obtained the password to an email account, and has used it to send tens of thousands of spam emails. 

We're going through the process of being removed from the blacklists.  We'll update this as more information comes about.

Update 10:30am:
We've now been removed off the major blacklists, with a few still to go. 

The reason for the password leak has been confirmed.  The owner of the email account uses the same password everywhere.  Another site they were registered on was hacked, which gave the hackers his email password.

Update: 12:10pm:
Weve been removed off all but one black list now - emails should start to flow as normal

Website outages (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Server - Server1-Linux-Auckland

  • 03/03/2017 14:22
  • Last Updated 03/03/2017 16:54

There is a fire in one of Vector's substations.  The Auckland data center has 3 UPS devices.  One of those is having issues and is not handling the fail over from grid to generator power.  The data center is currently running off-grid and will remain so until the grid power issues are resolved.  While the data center is operating off generator power we expect servers to remain up/reliable.  They are also awaiting a replacement UPS device (which was ordered last year and is en route from Germany).  And they have also booked another load of fuel for the morning.

The issue here is, the UPS that feeds one of the networking components doesn't like the generator power, so is resetting itself - causing websites to work one minute, but not the next

Server1 Migreation (Resolved) High

Affecting Server - Server1-Linux-Auckland

  • 06/02/2017 09:00 - 03/05/2017 10:36
  • Last Updated 30/01/2017 19:09

As you may have noticed over the last month, the server1 has become unreliable, due to its age.

On Monday 6th February, we plan to move your emails to a new and more powerful server.

If you have a website hosted with us, please refrain from updating it next Monday - as there will technically be 2 copies of your site running, and theres no way of knowing if you'd be editing the old or new one.  We do migrations this way, so there's zero downtime for your site.

To do the moving of emails requires your emails to stop flowing for a few hours, this means you won't be able to send or receive emails during this time. Its important to note here, no emails will be lost during this migration.  Emails that are sent to you during the down time will simply sit and wait, then be delivered to the new server.

The only pain point - and I'm really sorry for this, your email password needs to be reset.  Unfortunately because the old and new server use different encryption methods for passwords, theres no way to retain this on migration.  On Tuesday, we'll call all affected customers and provide your new password.

Routing issue with US-NZ traffic (Resolved) High

Affecting Server - Linux - Sentora

  • 10/09/2016 16:04 - 10/09/2016 16:18
  • Last Updated 10/09/2016 16:11

We are aware of connectivity issues between New Zealand and USA

This will mean, while your emails are being received by out server,  they wont be syncing for now.

Please note, after further investigation, thus appears to only affect Vodafone customers

Emails not flowing (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Server - Server1-Linux-Auckland

  • 05/09/2016 11:13
  • Last Updated 05/09/2016 22:03

We're aware one of our servers is having email issues today. 

We're working to resolve this asap

Direct Admin server is down (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Server - Server1-Linux-Auckland

  • 10/07/2016 12:38
  • Last Updated 10/07/2016 14:03

Currently, our Direct Admin server is down.

We're working hard to vhave this resolved as soon as possible,

Server Reset (Resolved) Medium

Affecting Server - Server1-Linux-Auckland

  • 21/03/2010 00:00 - 08/11/2010 22:08
  • Last Updated 16/03/2010 23:07

To maintain the integrity of the NZ based servers, we endeavour to restart them at least once approximately every three months.