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I just visited my site and it shows the following message:

This Account Has Been Suspended

Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources.

If you are seeing this message on your site, there are several reasons why.

  1. The reseller account cannot oversell, and the site has used up all the reseller accounts assigned resources.
    With Hostingnz, this scenario is unlikely. We will always be able to accomodate additional usage for our resellers. (Fair use policy applies)
  2. Your web hosting account has expired.
    Again, with Hostingnz, this scenario is probably unlikely. All our contracts are open ended and we won't terminate an account unless you say so.
  3. The account has been suspended for non-payment of hosting fees.
    As much as we loathe to switch customers sites off, we will only do so as a last resort if a customer has not paid their hosting fees even after several invoice reminders have been issued. Hey, we gotta eat too!

With the above scenarios, the only real reason Hostingnz would suspend an account is due to non-payment of accounts. If you have found your site has been suspended for non-payment, you will need to settle your overdue account in full to have it reset.

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